Deception & Facades

My level 3 NCEA painting boards looked at the age old idea that appearances do not always represent reality. It is human nature to display ourselves at our best. Whether that is in a painted portrait or an instagram post. We want the world to believe that we are happy, successful, attractive and live desirable lives. More often than not these embellished versions of ourselves are an attempt to seek validation and proof of our worth. While this is no new concept I have looked at this idea in a contemporary setting and how this aspect of human nature is rapidly evolving in ways we never anticipated with the creation of social media platforms and applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. At it’s extreme it’s becoming almost an illness, living a false life through social media. At the core is both the pace at which social media is evolving and its globalisation which are having such a profound effect on society. In the past, the only people we had to deceive or convince that our lives were perfect was a small local group of friends and family. Now, our deception can go global and knows no limitations or bounds. At it’s most damaging, these false facades and personas, these embellished digital versions of peoples realities, documented through the lenses of our digital screens are out of proportion. Flooded with constant streams of other peoples perfect, embellished lives our own perceptions of reality are becoming distorted and we can not yet know all of the societal impacts. However, already research is showing decreasing levels of happiness, creativity and new mental disorders are just the beginning.

TitleDeception & Facades NCEA Level 3 PaintingYear2015